Company Mission and Principles

Our Mission:

  • To satisfy our customers and gain their trust through the supply of our products and services
  • To contribute widely to society through our sound business development
  • To participate on the prosperity of the Czech Republic as a good corporate citizen

Our Principles:

  • To adapt imaginatively every change
  • To share information and to debate actively
  • To create with all intelligence and to act promptly
  • To act with awareness of the company's social responsibility

Quality Principle

UACJ Extrusion Czech s.r.o. performs quality improvement activities by all employee participation, and offers products and services which satisfy our customers and gain their trust.

  • In order to promote quality improvement activities, we arrange an appropriate organization and prepare necessary management resources.
  • We comply with Quality Management System and endeavor its maintenance and improvement.
  • In order to develop our quality policy, we set up quality targets and review them continuously.
  • We make all employees understand quality policy and strive to improve their quality awareness.

Principle of Safety and Hygiene

UACJ Extrusion Czech s.r.o. recognizes that employee ´s safety and hygiene is basis of company existence and ensuring employee ´s safety and hygiene is company social responsibility and acts to take employee ´s safety and hygiene in all aspects of company activities into consideration.

  • To remove all dangerous and harmful factors in workplace for aiming at zero industrial accident, we strive to continue safety and hygienic activities.
  • We comply with Labor safety law and other relevant regulations and first of all ensure employee safety and hygiene.
  • We provide all employees with necessary and sufficient education and training to ensure employee safety and hygiene.
  • We promote to create comfortable working environment to reduce employees' fatigue and stress.
  • We make all employees understand safety and hygiene policy and strive to improve their awareness of safety and hygiene by internal public relations.

Principle of Environmental Protection

We, UACJ Extrusion Czech s.r.o., thank the Earth, a green planet, for providing us with place for our activities, and recognize that the Earth cannot be replaced for all life on Earth and acts by taking the conservation of the Earth environment into our consideration in every aspect of business activities.

  • To promote the activities with consideration of the conservation of the Earth environment, we prepare an appropriate organization and necessary management resources.
  • We evaluate the influence on the environment by our business activities and set up environmental improvement measures and concrete targets within technologically and economically possible range based on the evaluation results.
  • We comply with Environmental laws, regulations and agreements and furthermore promote the activities for the working environment improvement as well as addressing the environmental conservation aggressively by establishing our internal criteria.
  • We are committed to being a responsible member of society, a good neighbour to the local community and disclose the Policy to external interested parties as well as train and familiarize to all UACJ Extrusion Czech employees.